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Atomic FlexCut Roller Kits (5 meters)

Atomic FlexCut Roller Kits (5 meters)

FlexCut is an exclusive heat transfer flex film!


Designed for cutting plotters. 100% polyurethane FlexCut ensures fine, elastic andresistant designs, with an extremely soft touch. Its adhesive liner allows very fine cutting andfast weeding. FlexCut GITD is a white flex film that will glow in the dark after

exposure to daylight or artificial light. FlexCut NightClub is a white flex film that Glows (fluorescing) under black light, a night-club essential.


Suitable for standard textiles.



Layering SEF heat transfer films


When layering SEF films it is important to first check the surface of the fabric and make sure it will handle the extra heat and is free of any repellent. Flex on flock is not recommended, but flock on flex is no problem. Reduce time for the first layers (3 or 4 seconds). Use recommended time settings on the last top layer.


Kit contents :

Kit 8 : E362 - RED A02 / E363 - ORANGE A03


For the first 100 kits purchased, a free solar battery !

Useful information

  • Waterbased polyurethane
  • Oeko-Tex: Classes I (white) / II (colors)
  • Thickness (without liner): 60 µm






2 days + 24 hours delivery (exception for the Canary Islands: 5 working days)

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