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Terms and Conditions


FRANCE: Day shipping (excluding Corsica) 
Shipping throughout France. Within 24 hours 'TNT' guaranteed
Sending transfers cardboard box of 0-5 kg = € 9.50

BELGIUM: Daily Dispatch 
Shipping throughout Belgium. Within 24 and 48 hours
Sending transfers cardboard box of 0-5 kg = € 12

SWITZERLAND: Daily Dispatch 
Shipping all over Switzerland. Delivery priority mail all inclusive
Sending transfers cardboard box 0-5 kg = € 25

SPAIN: Daily Dispatch 
Shipping all over Spain (except islands). Delivery 'TNT' or 'CHRONOPOST' priority all included
Sending transfers cardboard box 0-5 kg = € 12

GERMANY: Daily Dispatch 
Shipping throughout Germany. Delivery 'CHRONOPOST' priority all included. 
Sending transfers cardboard box 0-5 kg = € 12


Shipping for machines cost between 30 and 60 €. Shipping for patches cost 50 €.

The above rates are indicative and are subject to any increases in our carriers (fuel surcharge).


Normal: 5 working days production 
25%: 4 working days production 
35%: 3 working days production 
100%: 2 working days production 

Terms and Conditions

General clause 
Unless stated otherwise our formal hand, any business transacted with our company has the unconditional acceptance of the following terms regardless of the reservations made on orders.

The price of our goods are determined by the rate at the date of shipment. They exclude taxes. Our clients are responsible for their own selling prices. Our rates are subject to change without notice. 20% value added tax (effective rate).

We reserve the right not to fulfill all orders. Especially those that do not comply with our trade policy, or those for which the buyer does not present sufficient guarantees of payment.

Any item will be charged at prevailing prices and ships against refunding fees + shipping.

Whatever the form or terms of payment mentioned on the order form, our goods are always payable to order.

Delivery times given are purely indicative and non-compliance can not under any circumstances give rise to the termination or request for damages. Our goods travel at the risk of the recipient whatever the mode of transport used. 
In their interest, recipients are invited to check the status of shipments and in case of dispute to take all precautionary measures provided by law on pain of personal liability. 
Pursuant to Article 105 of the Commercial Code, they must notify the carrier within three days by registered their protest motivated letter. 
Upon delivery, there may be a variation of 5 to 10% + or - of quantities ordered 
Depending on the size of the order this variation is considered acceptable and will be charged.

Reservation of ownership 
It is expressly agreed that the goods remain our property until full payment of the price by the buyer.

In case of disputes of any nature whatsoever; only the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce de Lille will prevail.

No discount for early payment. 
Under the French law of 31.12.92, this invoice is payable in cash. Any amount , including the deposit, not paid by the due date , will automatically generate default interest equivalent to three times the legal interest rate in force, and the payment of a fixed allowance for expenses to recover an amount of € 40 provided for in Article L. 441-6 of the French Commercial Code. 

S.A.R.L. TRANSFERTPRESS capital of 20 000 € 
R.C.S. LILLE 525 152 880 / S.I.R.E.T. 525 152 880 00023 / A.P.E. : 1812 Z / vAT : FR 75 52 51 52 880