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Secabo TS7 SMART

Secabo TS7 SMART

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The Secabo TS7 SMART press comes with two plates: the standard lower plate and the standard HP7 heating upper plate.


The Secabo TS7 SMART side-opening heat press is a professional "Made in Germany" device for very high-quality and challenging markings.


With its automatic side-opening mechanism, the Secabo TS7 SMART heat press provides an exceptionally large and comfortable workspace. Its 40 x 50 cm plate facilitates transfers on small or large materials up to seven centimeters thick.


The TS7 SMART features a Bluetooth interface and an app, allowing users to access a database of various transfer manufacturers based on the plates used: the user selects the type of material and transfer, and automatically receives the appropriate settings for temperature, time, and pressure.


The smartphone app enables remote control of the heat press via Bluetooth: adjusting the temperature, setting the time, viewing the remaining time until the selected temperature is reached, all without needing to be physically next to the press.


This modular press allows for quick changes of the heating plate, lower plate, and electronic housing.


The TS7 SMART is compatible with the cart, sliding cart, Softheat SH7 upper heating plate, TB7 lower heating plate, interchangeable plates, and other Secabo accessories. It also includes the standard HP7 heating plate and the standard lower plate.


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Useful information
  • Dimensions: 59.6 x 107 x 85.4 cm
  • Plate size: 40 x 50 cm
  • Maximum height: 7 cm
  • Opening angle: 110° to the right
  • Maximum pressure: 250g/cm²
  • Maximum temperature: 225°C
  • Power supply: 230V / 50 - 60Hz / 1.3kW
  • Net weight: 64 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years




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