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ZEC-U5025 Cutting Blades

ZEC-U5025 Cutting Blades

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Cemented Carbide Blade ZEC-U5025


Roland cutting blades compatible with BN-20, CJ-540, CM-12, CM-24, CM-300, CM-400, CM-500, CX-12, CX-24, CX-300, CX-400, CX-500, FJ-540, FJ-600, FP-740, GX-24, GX-300, GX-400, GX-500, GX-640, LEC-300, LEC-300a, LEC-330, LEF-12, LEF-20, LEJ-640, PNC-1000a, PNC-1050, PNC-1100, PNC-1200, PNC-1210, PNC-1410, PNC-1410k, PNC-1510, PNC-1510hs, PNC-1600, PNC-1610, PNC-1610S, PNC-1800, PNC-1850, PNC-1900, PNC-1910, PNC-2100, PNC-2100a, PNC-2200, PNC-2200a, PNC-2300, PNC-2300a, PNC-300, PNC-3101, PNC-3200, PNC-500, PNC-5000, PNC-900, PNC-910, PNC-950, PNC-960, RA-640, RE-640, RS-540, RS-640, SC-500, SC-540, SC-545ex, SG-540, SG-300, SJ-1045ex, SJ-540, SJ-645ex, SJ-740, SP-300, SP-300i, SP-300v, SP-540i, SP-540v, VG-540, VG-640, VP-300, VP-300i, VP-540, VP-540i, VS-300, VS-300i, VS-420, VS-540, VS-540i, VS-640, VS-640i, XC-540, XC-540mt, XJ-540, XJ-640, XJ-740, and XR-640 machines.


These blades are used for cutting textile transfers, Flex, vinyl of thickness less than 76 µm, and vinyl of thickness greater than 76 µm.


The average lifespan is 4,000 meters (indicative value).

Useful information
  • Box of 5 blades
  • Premium category in Cemented Carbide
  • Offset 0.25 mm
  • Tip angle 50°
  • Cutting angle 40°






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