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Discover the DTF UV innovation, combined with an exclusive TransfertPress feature: pre-cutting of logo and substrate. This unique feature makes handling easy and practical, saving you precious time.


DTF UV printing involves printing your graphics directly onto a film (Direct-To-Film) and then transferring them to any solid surface. Unlike the standard DTF method, this technology is not limited to textiles, enabling extensive personalization. Your transfers are always pre-cut and delivered on a board for easy removal. If you'd like to insert a board full of logos, we'll cut the board to size, but not to the logo. If you wish to pre-cut each logo individually: it is necessary to make each logo independent and separate it from each order.  In this case: 1 order = 1 logo  


Example: if you want to order 20 visuals, supply a file with ONE visual and choose a quantity of 20. You'll then receive a sheet of 20 pre-cut visuals.


With our express service, any order placed before 11 a.m. will be dispatched within 24 hours. What's more, no special equipment is required to apply the prints, making you totally autonomous and simplifying the creative process. However, be sure to use your transfers within 2-3 months of printing to ensure optimum adhesion.


Choose UV DTF with TransfertPress precutting and transform your objects with a fast, efficient and versatile method.





DTF UV allows an infinite number of details and colors, as well as gradients. All images can be transferred using DTF, and no edging is required.





As DTF UV is printed in four-color process, colors are not obtained using screen printing inks, and it is therefore impossible to obtain an exact Pantone hue. It is also impossible to add an anti-migration undercoat.



Application conditions: 


Press lightly on the visual, depelliculate from the reverse, and lay, by hand on a clean, dry surface.  





- For best rendering, image resolution must be at least 300 dpi.


- Maximum print size: 38x55 cm.


- Please do not include any hidden elements in the files sent. After DTP processing, these will be printed. 


- As screens do not perfectly reflect printed colors, there may be a slight shift when your transfers are printed.


- Avoid semi-transparencies and gradients, use only 100% opacity.


- Our backing white will be automatically degreased or reduced under all colors present by 0.1 mm. For 1 logo or text in white only, it will also be reduced by 0.1 mm.


Format :

The dimensions to be entered are those of the work surface of your visual.




The cut-out corresponds to the format ordered.  


Useful information
  • UV digital transfer
  • Surfaces from 1 to 2,090 cm².
  • Minimum fineness: 1.75 Pt (0.6 mm)
  • 1 to 5000 formats
  • Four-color process printing (CMYK)

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