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Monocolor Extenso technical transfer A3

Monocolor Extenso technical transfer A3

The Extenso transfer allows a functional marking on elastic fabrics. Made with water-based inks, it is very covering and has an excellent washing resistance.


Thanks to its hyper elasticity it’s the most suitable transfer for sports jerseys, swimwear (suits, caps, etc.) in polyester or diving suits in neoprene or elastane.


The silk-screen transfer is a printing with  silk screen ink (Pantone) on a paper or polyester medium. The transfer is then hot pressed with a professional machine.


The monocolor silk-screen transfer allows the printing of visual of one color only, on polyester.




The silk-screen transfer allows, in a single command, to mark several different fabrics. This technique does not require a color edging and respects the logo designs (where possible, due to the thinness). It offers an excellent result and a small thickness.




With silk-screen transfer, it is difficult to produce color gradients (except by halftoning): this technique is rather used for solid colors and vector pictures. Some thinness are also difficult to obtain because of the screen printing process: texts or lines below 1 Pt (0.4 mm) will not be readable.



It is possible to choose among 6 printing colors: White, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue. The super stretch white and antimigration options are available.


The Yellow is close to a Yellow PT 012 C. The Green is close to a Green PT 355 C. The Red is close to a Red PT 186 C. The Blue is close to a Blue PT 2945 C.





• For black textiles (like leggings), there may be a risk of migration and reaction after washing. We recommend testing the transfer on your product.



In case of urgent order, your transfers can be produced in short time (production in 4, 3 or 2 working days) leading to cost increase.

Useful information
  • Extensible silk-screen transfer
  • Printable area: 28x40 cm
  • Minimal thinness: 1 Pt (0,4 mm)
  • 15 to more than 1 000 sheets
  • 1 color
  • 6 colors available
  • Water-based ink

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Printable area : 28 x 40 cm

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Available options


Special option for sublimated textile, avoiding the sublimation migration in the marking.

IMPORTANT (SOFTSHELL FABRIC): Transfers with the anti-migrant option are only valid for sport sublimated textiles to prevent the sublimation upwelling, but under no circunstances for Softshell garments.

Super stretch white

Special printing process making the white Extenso transfer twice as extensible as the classic version.



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