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Film PET - Cold/Hot Peel - 48 rolls

Film PET - Cold/Hot Peel - 48 rolls

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Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film roll for DTF printing. Excellent colour performance, fast ink absorption, high flatness of the printing surface, and easy to peel off. Special back coating treatment, non-stick coating, anti-static. Reduces static electricity generation, making the printing process more fluid and easy.


Price per roll: €99 excluding VAT  


Operating instructions :


- The powder has to dried between 120 and 160 °C for at least 2 minutes depending on the adhesive powder used.


- For COLD/HOT PEEL rollers, the transfer has to be applied once at 150°C for 12 seconds and then a second time at 150°C for 5 seconds.


Cold/Hot Peel PET film has the advantage that it can be used with either cold or hot peel. It has the same quality and can be used in the same way as cold or hot peel PET film.

Useful information
  • Thickness: 75 μm
  • Cold/Hot Peel: matte finish




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