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EcoPrint (I107)

EcoPrint (I107)

With its incredible elasticity and its soft touch EcoPrint is an excellent alternative to standard flex films. Ecoprint is printable with Solvent, Ecosolvent and Latex inks. Colors of printable flock The soft surface of EcoPrint will absorb more ink than the surface of a flex. For beautiful intense printings you can set your printed to print 2 layers of ink. Most printers allow multiple printings passes. The washing fastness will not be changed.

Useful information

  • PVC base
  • Flock: Rayon viscose
  • Oeko-tex: Class I
  • Thickness (without liner): 450 µ
  • Fastness: 40 °C
  • Transfer Temperature: 160-170 °C (320-340 °F)
  • Transfer Time: 15-17 seconds
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Hot peel






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