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Secabo TPD12

Secabo TPD12

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The new Secabo TPD12 press is a double-frontal flat pneumatic press measuring 100cm x 120cm. Its dual-post system allows for increased productivity.


While the transfer is being carried out on one of the plates, the operator can prepare the next production on the second plate, seamlessly transitioning from one station to the other without stopping. With its two sliding frontal posts, 9.0kW power, and 4-bar pressure, equivalent to a pressure of 140g/cm2 or 1700kg on an XXXL plate.


Its high-quality heating plate ensures heat uniformity, enabling professional transfers and quality work. The dual-plate system allows for a hidden time execution to optimize work time. The operator can also choose between different automatic or manual operation modes.


All of Secabo's expertise has been combined in this press to offer high-performance equipment at a reasonable cost.

Useful information
  • Dimensions: 275 cm x 170 cm x 150 cm
  • Plateau size: 2 x 100 cm x 120 cm
  • Included elements: Heat press, connection cable without plug, compressor connection, user manual
  • Pressure adjustment: Pneumatic pressure adjustment
  • Maximum blade pressure: 4 bar, 1700 kg, 140 g/cm²
  • Maximum temperature: 225 °C




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