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Ink Shaker DTF

Ink Shaker DTF

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Ink Shaker DTF par TransfertPress

100% Local Innovation: Designed and Manufactured in France

TransfertPress is excited to unveil the Ink Shaker DTF, our pioneering innovation fully conceptualized and produced by our dedicated engineers in the Hauts-de-France region.

This cutting-edge ink shaker is the quintessential tool to enhance your DTF ink utility and extend the life of your printing hardware.


Enhance the Shelf Life of Your DTF Inks

Our Ink Shaker DTF is designed to counteract the common issue of pigment settling at the bottom of your ink bottles, which can compromise print quality and ink efficiency. This device ensures consistent ink fluidity and readiness, preventing expensive print head blockages.


Sophisticated Technical Specifications:

Operation Modes: Select from a rapid or a gentle mix setting to customise the blending to your particular requirements.


Mixing Durations: Choose between 15-minute or 30-minute mixing intervals for unparalleled adaptability in ink preparation.


Voltage: Comes with a 12V power supply, promising straightforward and secure usage.


CE Marking: The Ink Shaker DTF's adherence to quality and safety is validated by its CE marking, assuring compliance with European standards, which is recognised and respected in international and British markets.

Useful information
  • 2 operational modes: rapid or gentle for bespoke ink blending.
  • 2 mixing durations: 15 or 30 minutes, for complete adaptability in ink preparation.
  • 12V power supply for convenience and safety.
  • CE marking for international quality assurance.




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