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3D silicone flex patch

3D silicone flex patch

The Flex silicone 3D patch is composed of 3 layers of different materials. Initially designed in silicone, the pattern is then applied to a layer of flex, itself placed on a microfiber base.


The pattern's silicone allows for a high degree of finesse, resulting in a high quality finish.


The unique 3-layer manufacturing process offers outstanding quality and aesthetics. Thanks to the materials used (Flex and silicone), the Flex silicone 3D patch is extremely light and therefore comfortable to wear. Detailed, sophisticated designs can be realized. This allows you to fully express your creativity and highlight your brand.


The patch can be produced in up to 3 colors and up to 64 cm2 (maximum 8 x 8 cm).


It is available from 2,000 pieces and comes by default with an iron-on back.


Please note:

It is not possible to add a drone.


Shipping costs are €30.00 per badge order.

Useful information
  • Iron-on backing
  • Die-cut to shape
  • 1 to 3 colors
  • Surface up to 64 cm2 (maximum 8 x 8 cm)
  • From 2,000 pieces
  • Shipping costs: €30.00 per patch order

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Available options

Front Finish [1 option ]

Back Finish [5 options ]
Iron-on back

Raw (for sewing)

Velcro on the back (+ 25% )

Velcro (Hook or Loop) application on the back of the patches.

Velcro Hook and Loop (+ 30% )

Velcro application on the back of the patches and supply of the complementary velcro.

Sticker (recommended for sewing) (+ 10% )



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