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Secabo TP10

Secabo TP10

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The new press Secabo TP10 is a large format press pneumatic front loader equipped with Teflon print size 80x100cm, and can be used on Tshirts,mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles and other flat surfaces ... using Flex, theFlocking, transfer paper, sublimation, serigraphy.
Regularity heating and flatness of the platenalso allow to carry out work of sublimation.
During the pressing stage, the tray is closedautomatically using a compressor. At the end of the timer countdown, the lift is doneautomatically.
The benefits are twofold: A ease of use: The closure of the press isautomated its mechanism and thus achieves effortlessly. Increased productivity through higherstations and at the end of the timer.
All components meet current safety standards.
Board size is 80x100cm.
Heating capacity of 5.1 kW, this press is designed for all thetransfers on flat substrates such as t-shirts or towels, it can also be used for pressing on puzzles,mouse pads, floor tiles, magnets and other items sublimatable etc. ..

Pneumatic presses are ideal for your productions because of their superior performance.

Useful information
  • Pneumatic Press up to 10 bar
  • Plateau large size 80x100cm




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