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RocketCut Width 30 (Black/White)

RocketCut Width 30 (Black/White)

The Swiss army knife of heat transfer films!


Very fast weeding, 3 seconds transfer time, suitable for many textiles where standard flex doesn’t work and even with a slight migration barrier.

Useful information

  • Waterbased polyurethane
  • Oeko-Tex: Class I (white)
  • Thickness (without liner): 70 µm
  • Wash fastness: 60 °C
  • Cutting blade: 30°-45°
  • Cutting pressure: low/medium
  • Cutting speed: 30-40 cm/s
  • "Express" application temperature and time: 150 °C (300 °F) for 3 seconds
  • Application temperature and time: 125 °C (255 °F) for 10 seconds
  • Application pressure: medium/high
  • Hot peel



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