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XB10 Cutting Blade (11849102)

XB10 Cutting Blade (11849102)

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Box of 25 Olfa cutting blades, reference XB10.

Compatible with Roland machines: CJ-400, CJ-500, CJ-540, CM-300, CM-400, CM-500, CX-300, CX-400, CX-500, EJ-640, FJ-40, FJ-400, FJ-42, FJ-50, FJ-500, FJ-52, FJ-540, FJ-600, FP-740, GX-300, GX-400, GX-500, GX-640, LEC-300, LEJ-640, PC-600, RA-640, RE-640, RF-640, RF-640a, RS-540, RS-640, SC-500, SC-540, SC-545ex, SG-300, SG-540, SJ-500, SJ-540, SJ-600, SJ-640, SJ-645ex, SJ-740, SJ-745ex, SP-300, SP-300i, SP-300v, SP-540i, SP-540v, VG-540, VG-640, VP-300, VP-300i, VP-540, VP-540i, VS-300, VS-300i, VS-420, VS-540, VS-540i, VS-640, VS-640i, XC-540, XF-640, XJ-540, XJ-640, XJ-740, XR-640, and XT-640.

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  • Box of 25 blades




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