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Introducing Secabo's TCC LITE cap press, a must-have solution for easy, precise personalization of caps, bobs, hats and similar items. With its advanced technology and easy-to-use features, the TCC LITE offers an exceptional personalization experience.


The TCC LITE is equipped with an intuitive digital display, which allows you to precisely set time and temperature. The pressure adjustment wheel gives you quick and easy control, depending on the printed surface. Moreover, its detachable electronic box simplifies troubleshooting without interrupting production.


With its electromagnetic mechanism and automatic lifting at the end of the timer, the TCC LITE combines convenience of use with increased efficiency. The experience is similar to that of a pneumatic press, without the need for an external compressor.


Thanks to its optimized opening and specially designed tension lever, the TCC LITE facilitates precise placement of caps and other items. What's even more, its interchangeable trays give you the flexibility to customize items of different sizes.


Robust and ergonomic, the TCC LITE is designed to adapt to all working environments, whether in a professional workshop or a boutique.

Useful information
  • Dimensions closed 24 x 59 x 53 cm
  • Dimensions open 24 x 71 x 53 cm
  • Working area 15 x 8 cm
  • Max. temperature 220°C
  • Folding angle 0 - 35°
  • Power supply 230V / 50 - 60Hz / 1,0kW
  • Net weight 24 kg
  • 2 years warranty




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