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Embroidered patch sample brochure

Embroidered patch sample brochure

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As you browse through the embroidered patch brochure, you'll discover the wide range of options and styles available, whether in the default version (with a flat drone), with an American drone, fully embroidered or even using metallic thread.


The brochure highlights the unique features of the patches, making them a great presentation tool.


Get a full overview of the benefits and features of our patches, plus a direct link to our detailed and informative fitting condition video.


In particular, discover the discovery patch sample brochure, which is the perfect solution for visualizing and appreciating the diversity and finesse of our patches. You can also choose the sample effect patch, which includes all our special patches.


Choose the brochure that suits your needs!

Useful information
  • Discover our patches
  • The ideal tool for your customers




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