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SubliJet-HD Cartridge

SubliJet-HD Cartridge

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SubliJet-HD is a high-viscosity sublimation ink for Sawgrass's HD Virtuoso product decorating systems. With its unique formulation, these inks offer an extended color gamut and superior yield for vibrant, true-to-life colors and lower printing costs.




Compatibility with Substrates:



SubliJet-HD sublimation inks allow you to decorate a wide range of polyester products or rigid substrates coated with a polymer, including:




- Aluminum inserts and panels


- Hard panels and wood plaques


- Tile


- Mugs


- Acrylic


- Glass


- Slate


- Polyester fabric


- Fiberglass-reinforced plate




Convenient and Reliable Single-Use Cartridges:



Optimize the performance and lifespan of your printer with our sealed cartridge systems, offering clean and convenient ink distribution without the time-consuming, messy, and wasteful aspects of manual ink refilling. Factory-sealed single-use cartridges eliminate external contamination, as well as maintenance costs and downtime associated with refillable systems.




Durable Embedded Images:



Unlike screen printing, vinyl cutting, and direct printing on substrates, which deposit ink on the product's surface, sublimation ink is directly embedded into the surface itself. The embedded image remains smooth to the touch on hard surfaces and completely permeable on textiles. It will not crack, chip, scratch, or wash off.




Vibrant Rich Colors:



Sawgrass inks offer realistic and incredibly vibrant colors, with deep blacks and neutral grays that other digital processes simply cannot match. Sawgrass inks are the top choice for professional photographers and digital image creators who demand accurate color reproduction and perfect detail in every image.




High Yield - Low Printing Cost:



SubliJet-HD inks feature a high density of sublimation pigments to provide maximum yield and low printing costs. Our high-yield gel formulation ensures the lowest possible printing cost with a 26% larger color palette, ensuring the most vibrant colors. With printing costs typically accounting for less than 5% of the selling price, digital decoration with Sawgrass inks is more cost-effective than ever.




Extreme Versatility:



Unlike other decoration methods, Sawgrass sublimation printing technology allows you to decorate a wide range of polyester textiles and hard substrates coated with a polymer, including metal, ceramic, glass, FRP plastic, performance textiles, hard panels, and more.




Sawgrass Service and Support:



SubliJet-HD inks come with direct support from Sawgrass. Our experienced support team is available online and by phone to provide real-time assistance with system troubleshooting, color management software, comprehensive product warranty, and more, for printers under OEM warranty.

Useful information
  • Standard Single-Use Cartridge: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (29 mL) - Black (42 mL)
  • Validity: 2 years






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