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Secabo TC5 SMART Membrane

Secabo TC5 SMART Membrane

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The SECABO TC5 SMART MEMBRANE heat press is a modular electromagnetic wallet-style opening press with a print format of 38 x 38 cm. Its lower membrane plate equalizes differences in material thickness, eliminating the need to compensate for thickness variations, which speeds up the process.


Transfers can also be pressed close to buttons, zippers, and seams. Manually pump to inflate the membrane plate, which then distributes even pressure across the entire article, allowing transfers to be placed near thicker areas.


When the press is closed, a pressure gauge shows the pressure in grams per square centimeter; during pressing, the membrane plate's pressure can be adjusted via the small valve on the hand pump.


This new press serves as a compromise between manual and pneumatic presses. The Secabo SMART MEMBRANE is the world's first heat press equipped with a Bluetooth interface and an app that allows users to access a ready-made database. Simply enter the textile type and transfer type to find numerous combinations of temperature, time, and pressure. Additional features such as time and temperature calculation make the app a valuable aid for every transfer process.


The digital display makes it easy to set the time and temperature, while the pressure adjustment knob ensures quick and easy settings based on the printed material.


The TC5 SMART MEMBRANE is a fully modular press, allowing for quick changes of the heating plate and lower plate; the electronic housing is detachable for easy shipping and simplifies troubleshooting without halting production.


The new Secabo TC5 SMART MEMBRANE can be used on T-shirts, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, and all other flat surfaces... using Flex, Flock, transfer paper, sublimation, and screen printing.


The new press offers user comfort through its electromagnetic mechanism and productivity gains due to automatic lifting at the end of the timer. It provides all the convenience of a pneumatic press without the need for a compressor.


The Secabo TC5 SMART MEMBRANE press can optionally be equipped with a cart or sliding cart and interchangeable plates of different formats for delicate or small markings.


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Useful information
  • Semi-automatic press
  • Plate size: 38 x 38 cm
  • Equipped with the Membrane system




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