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Pantone Color Chart (Screen Printing)

Pantone Color Chart (Screen Printing)

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Visualize and communicate the colors of your graphic creations and printed projects.


Addition of 224 new trending colors!


The global color reference for creative inspiration, specification, and color accuracy dedicated to digital design and printing. This essential tool allows designers to quickly select, communicate, and compare colors for their logo, packaging, and signage projects. The guide also mentions color formulation to ensure the optimal blending of all Pantone direct tones.


- Guide containing 2,390 direct tones dictated by the market on coated and uncoated paper.

- A resource serving creative inspiration for press checks.

- Two compact color swatch books easy to consult and transport.

- Pantone direct tones available in most digital design programs.



- Portable color swatches accompany you wherever you go.

- Printed on the most common paper weights: 148 g/m² for coated paper and 118 g/m² for uncoated paper.

- Lighting indicators page to know when lighting conditions are adequate for color evaluation.



- Addition of 224 new trending colors for graphics dictated by the market.

- 2,390 direct tones: the widest color gamut of the Pantone Graphics system.

- Colors organized by chromatic order, with new color pages indicated in the upper corners and integrated into the rest of the Formula Guide.

- Colors available for specification purposes in most digital design software.

- Enhanced printing process for greater color accuracy.

- Display of each color's number and ink formulation.

- Index at the end of the guides indicating the digital location of each color.

- Target tolerance of < 2 dE compared to our master standard data.



- For creating logos and brand identity visuals, marketing content, packaging, and other graphic applications.

- Ink formulation allowing printers to accurately reproduce Pantone direct tones on printed materials.

- Tool used worldwide to ensure consistent color communication throughout the production flow and supply chain.

- Bring your colors to life digitally. Discover how the Pantone® extension for Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to integrate your physical Pantone colors into your digital workflow via Adobe® Creative Cloud (InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator®).

Useful information
  • Reference GP1601A features 2,390 solid colors on both coated and uncoated paper.




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