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DTF per linear meter

DTF per linear meter

New: Order your DTF by the linear meter

Discover now the ability to order DTF by the linear meter at TransfertPress! With our innovative offering, maximize the use of every inch available for your prints while precisely adjusting your production volume. This method ensures optimal adaptability and flexibility for your productions!


The DTF (Direct-to-Film) transfer process is currently highly sought after as a top choice for textile transfers.


Provide a compliant file:


- Maximum print width 55 cm
- Minimum file size required: 100 x 55 cm
- Minimum fineness must be 0.6 mm or 1.75 Pts
- Resolution must be at least 300 dpi
- Maximize the removal of external pixels by cleaning the file
- File in the readable direction (do not import mirrored)
- Avoid semi-transparencies
- Ensure your file has no background, layers are unlocked, and no hidden layers are present in the file


Your files will be produced as is without any verification from our services. No post-sale claims will be accepted if these criteria are not met.


DTF: the cheapest and ultra-resistant transfer

This technique allows for the printing of full-color visuals on a polyester film, requiring the application of a white undercoat and powder glue. Once printed, the transfer is pressed using a professional heat press. DTF is particularly elastic, offering extraordinary resistance. It does not crack thanks to its extensibility and withstands daily wear and washing. All images are achievable, and no outline is needed.


The DTF transfer process is particularly suitable for basic textiles such as cotton or polyester. It is characterized by a more pronounced thickness and slight rigidity compared to screen transfer.


DTF does not allow for an exact Pantone shade, as it is a full-color print, unlike screen printing. It is impossible to add an anti-migration undercoat.



DTF allows for an infinite amount of details and colors as well as gradients. All images can be achieved with DTF transfer, and no outline is necessary. It can be applied to both light and dark garments, cotton, or polyester.


The DTF technique uses a process that utilizes water-based inks, giving the transfer excellent flexibility and elasticity, thus ensuring remarkable comfort and durability of the pattern on the textile.


The more you order, the cheaper it is, our prices decrease depending on the number of meters ordered!



Since DTF is printed in full color, the colors are not achieved using screen printing inks, and it is therefore impossible to obtain an exact Pantone shade. It is also impossible to add an anti-migration undercoat.




The final result depends on the quality of the file provided, images must therefore be at least 300 dpi. Do not include hidden elements in the files sent. After DTP processing, these would be printed.


Screens do not perfectly reflect printed colors, there may be a slight shift in the printing of your transfers.


It is recommended to provide a file of 1-meter length or a file corresponding to the total length desired for your order.




The cut made corresponds to the ordered surface. You will therefore be delivered in rolls, according to the meterage requested.


Your orders will be shipped in rolls or can be cut according to our internal production process constraints.



Our shipping times vary depending on the meterage of your order:


24-hour shipping for orders of 1 to 5 meters

48-hour shipping for orders of 6 to 11 meters

72-hour shipping for orders of more than 11 meters

Useful information
  • Digital transfer
  • Minimal fineness: 1.75 Pt (0.6 mm)
  • Starting from 1 m
  • Full-color printing (CMYK)
  • Maximum print width 55 cm
  • Resolution must be at least 300 dpi
  • File in the readable direction (do not import mirrored)
  • Avoid semi-transparencies

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Add a file

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