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Texprint DTxp Light

Texprint DTxp Light

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Texprint DTxp Light is the world's number one small-format sublimation paper!


Moreover, Texprint DTxp Light remains the only "hybrid" paper that can be used on both hard and soft substrates.


Texprint DTxp Light is a simpler way to achieve results. This versatile product is perfect for distributors and end-users. There is no need to use different papers and profiles for different applications.


Like the rest of the TexPrint® family, Texprint DTxp Light is 100% recyclable.


Tested and validated with inks from all major sublimation ink brands, including:


• Sawgrass


• Epson


• Sensient


• Manoukian


• Kiian


• Bordeaux


• J-Teck


• OEM Brands


Texprint DTxp Light is fully compatible with printheads of popular sublimation printers, including:


• Epson


• Ricoh


• Kyocera


• Panasonic


• Seiko


Texprint DTxp Light is fully compatible with popular sublimation printers, including:


• Epson


• Mimaki


• Roland


• Mutoh




Texprint DTxp Light can be used on mugs, mouse pads, metal, ceramics, tiles, glass, ChromaLuxe, sportswear, T-shirts, swimwear, snowboards, skis, panels, banners, and much more!

Useful information
  • Texprint DTxp Light
  • Format: A3+ (33 x 48 cm)
  • 110 sheets
  • Weight: 105 g/m²
  • Quick drying
  • High ink release
  • 100% recyclable
  • Net weight: 1.6 kg




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