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FlexCut Roll Kit (5m-Width 20cm) including E101 - WHITE

FlexCut Roll Kit (5m-Width 20cm) including E101 - WHITE

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FlexCut is a heat transfer film: the perfect compromise between thinness and ease of cutting!


Designed for plotter cutting and made entirely of polyurethane, FlexCut guarantees high-quality, elastic, and durable markings without added thickness, providing an extremely soft touch. Its adhesive backing allows for very fine cuts and quick weeding.


Suitable for standard textiles.


Layering SEF Transfer Films


In multi-layer transfers, it is essential to check the surface condition of the textile (for silicone, wax, or similar residues). Layering FlexCut on VelCut is not recommended, but transferring VelCut onto FlexCut poses no issue. The application time for the first layers should be reduced to 3 or 4 seconds, and the final layer should be transferred at the time normally recommended for the product.


Kit contents:


Kit N: E101 – WHITE 01 / E102 – BLACK 02

Useful information
  • Water-based polyurethane film
  • Oeko-Tex: Class I (white) / II (colors)
  • Thickness without liner: 60 µm
  • Wash resistance: 60°C
  • Cutting blade angle: 30°-45°
  • Cutting pressure: low/medium
  • Cutting speed: 30-40 cm/s
  • Application temperature: 165°C
  • Application time: 17 seconds
  • Application pressure: medium/high
  • Peel off hot






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