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The new Energy Saver range by Secabo: a blend of energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology! Save energy, costs, and time like never before!


The Secabo TS7 SMART ENERGY SAVER 40 x 50 cm heat press is equipped with two trays: the standard lower tray and the Energy Saver HP7 upper heating tray from Secabo. The Energy Saver range combines considerable energy savings with the ergonomic features typical of Secabo heat presses.


Like other models from the Secabo brand, presses in this range are perfect for customizing t-shirts, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, and much more, suitable for a wide range of substrates due to their various features, such as sublimation and screen printing.


Key Features:


HP7 ES Heating Plate: enhanced insulation that minimizes energy consumption in standby mode


Bluetooth Interface: an application that provides easy access to a comprehensive database of time and temperature combinations


Safety and Ease of Use: easy and quick settings thanks to the protective cover and adjustment knob that allows precise pressure adjustment


Significant Savings: depending on press usage, savings ranging from 30% to 50% in energy over the year


Modular Design: with interchangeable components, presses in the range offer unmatched flexibility, easily adapting to various printing needs.


Environmental and Economic Benefits:


Even Heat Distribution: more precise and consistent printing results for every application


Optimized Energy Management: minimized heat loss, prolonging press lifespan and increasing productivity


Reduced Carbon Footprint: a considerable reduction in CO2 footprint for your business


Why Choose the Secabo TS7 SMART ENERGY SAVER?


If you're looking for a heat press that combines performance, cost-effectiveness, and energy savings, the TS7 SMART ENERGY SAVER is your ideal choice.


If you already own a TS7 SMART press, you have the opportunity to acquire an Energy Saver kit to improve its energy efficiency.




With an 8-hour workday and an electricity price of 0.4 Eur/kWh, you can save up to €374 per year on energy costs with the HP7 ES heating plate and cover.


This means not only significant cost savings but also a reduced CO2 footprint for your business.


*The press is sold without a cart.

Useful information
  • - Dimensions: 59.6 x 107 x 85.4 cm
  • - Plate size: 40 x 50 cm
  • - Maximum height: 7 cm
  • - Opening angle: 110° to the right
  • - Maximum pressure: 250g/cm²
  • - Maximum temperature: 225°C
  • - Power supply: 230V / 50 - 60Hz / 1.3kW
  • - Net weight: 64 kg
  • - Warranty: 2 years




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