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Hologram patch

Hologram patch

The hologram patch is a real eye-catcher! The alternation between the two visuals gives an impression of movement and depth to the motif. A unique and creative way for a brand to stand out from the crowd.


An incomparable, innovative holographic effect


Original because they're new on the market, hologram patches will reinforce your brand identity and perfectly highlight your visuals and logos. The three-dimensional relief effect sets them apart from other types of badges, making them unique.


Ideal for brands wishing to leave a lasting impression on their customers, the "wow" effect of a holographic product will captivate attention. The holographic effect will also put the brand in the spotlight.


Hologram patches can also make excellent promotional gifts. A good way to maintain customer relations and reinforce brand loyalty.


Hologram patches are available in up to 2 colors. They are available from 3,000 pieces up to 64 cm2 (maximum 8 x 8 cm). The badge comes with an iron-on back by default.


Shipping costs are €30.00 per patch order.

Useful information
  • Iron-on backing
  • Die-cut to shape
  • 1 to 2 colors
  • Surface up to 64 cm² (maximum 8x8cm)
  • From 3,000 pieces
  • Shipping costs: €30.00 per patch order

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