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Secabo Thermobase TB7 Platen

Secabo Thermobase TB7 Platen

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With the new Thermobase TB7 heated lower platen, Secabo offers a new solution particularly recommended for sensitive textiles. It reduces transfer times and potential heat marks on textiles. This new platen makes it easier to apply especially difficult white toner transfers.


The temperature of the heated lower platen is adjustable thanks to the detachable controller.


The Thermobase platen is slightly padded, but it can be equipped with a hard or extra soft mat depending on the use. A protective cover is provided with it.


The platen is compatible with Secabo 40 x 50 cm presses such as the TC7 SMART, the TS7 SMART, the TPD7, or the TPD7 PREMIUM.

Useful information
  • Dimensions 41 x 51 x 7 cm
  • Platen size 40 x 50 cm
  • Maximum temperature 160°C
  • Power supply 230V / 50 - 60Hz / 2.0kW
  • Net weight 13 kg




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