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Secabo T60 II LAPOS Q

Secabo T60 II LAPOS Q

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The new T60 II cutting plotter is equipped with modern features and innovative technology, featuring controlled circuits and servo motors that make it even faster and more precise.


The new LAPOS Q multi-reference automatic alignment system with automatic reference point detection allows for precise cutting of contours of pre-printed sheets, along with automatic detection of the support width to be cut.


With a cutting width of up to 63 cm, it can handle materials up to 72 cm wide. It is ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials, such as vinyl, flex, flock, stencils, cardboard, and paper.


Its comfortable keyboard and large backlit screen with large keys enable easy operation of the T60 II plotter.


It comes with a sturdy stand with roll holder and reception basket, as well as DrawCut PRO software, which offers numerous options such as automatic vectorization, automated cutting preparation, and various effects for your layouts: outlines, shadows, curves.

Useful information
  • Dimensions: 92 x 26 x 26 cm
  • Included stand and reception basket
  • Maximum media width: 720 mm
  • Maximum media thickness: 1 mm
  • Maximum cutting width: 630 mm
  • Maximum cutting speed: 960 mm/s
  • Pressure: 50 - 750 g
  • Servo motors
  • LAPOS Q alignment
  • DrawCut PRO software
  • Net weight: 22 kg
  • 2-year warranty




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